Thursday, October 31, 2013

Finest Kind Of Spider

It's Halloween, so it is a perfect day for a creepy spider picture.

I really like this spider. Even though he is big and scary looking.  He must be about 2 inches long.  Yet, he is my favorite kind.

For two reasons.


One, and the most important reason, is he is OUTSIDE.  Those are my favorite kind of any creepy crawly.


Two, when I took this picture he was chasing down a stink bug caught in his web.  I hate stink bugs.  I hope spiders don't have noses, but as long as they both stay outside, I'm happy.

I got this off stink bug picture after a Google search from

Outside stink bugs are also way better than inside stink bugs.  But I really don't like them ANYWHERE.


  1. I never kill outside spiders because they trap stink bugs, paralyze them and suck their guts out for dinner. LOL

  2. That's my favorite type of spider as well, and also one of my least favorite bugs...but wasps are my #1 least fave. Wonder if spiders can trap them?

  3. Aha! I will not mess with a single spider web, as long as they help get rid of my stink bugs!