Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More Shelves

I love the shelves and cubbies that Lee put up in my craft room.  As I get more supplies and fabric scraps and paper and stamps and and and.  I am running out of room and piling boxes on top of boxes.  I asked for more shelves.

The nice thing about Lee is when I ask, I usually get.  Mind you, I don't ask for things that are ridiculously expensive or impossible to obtain.  You know, world peace, full time help, like that.


The first problem we encountered is that the existing corner cupboard would no longer be able to open enough to use it.  We had to switch the hinges from the left side to the right.  The hole from the hinges will be invisible when the door is shut, so they will probably stay holes.


The studs were located in strange spots for the shelf, so we installed one of the wooden shelf supports on a stud and one with a drywall screw anchor.  And by we, I mean I handed Lee tools and he did the work.  And then I said not there and he nicely moved it for me.


The cat was very helpful, too.  He examined all the bags and boxes I had out for the two projects I am working on.  Kind of like the TSA.  He needs to make sure there is no contraband in anything.  When he is satisfied, then he needs to supervise.  In case we may be putting in something that a new cat might need.  THAT would be contraband.


Now I have more room.  But when I moved stacks of boxes and books and magazines around it looks like I still need more shelves.


Oh, Lee???


  1. Cool new shelves! I know what you mean about always needing more space for "stuff." I keep trying to use up existing materials, but even when I undertake a massive project it seems like I barely touched anything. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Having shelves for our stuff is important. Lee does great work!