Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Plethora of Projects in Progression

A good weekend for getting deals on furniture.  A bad weekend for getting projects done and moving on to other things.


I found this gateleg table online at eBay.  I have been looking for one to use for guests at the B&B.  When no one is there it can sit against the wall.  It can easily be pulled out and used for the breakfast I will be serving.

We won the auction and Lee picked it up from the sellers on the way back from a car show. It needed a bit of glue and some touching up but is basically in good shape.


We went to an estate sale today, Sunday. That runs contrary to most advice.  You should go early to make sure you get the item you want and that means Friday or even Thursday.  The items in this area are generally more highly priced than those near Alexandria, where we have had more luck.  But on Sunday, everything is 50% off.  We went by, just in case and scored this oak chair with a needlepoint seat.  The seat cover needs to be removed and have a new piece of foam put in.  That is an easy fix, once I get myself to a fabric store.


Then we went to an antique store and found this Singer base. It has a primitive wooden top on it, but I have a top I want to use.  I bought a wine rack at an estate sale with two tops, one granite and one marble. 


I am using the granite top and put the marble top in the equipment room in the basement. Now this piece needs quite a bit of work.  It needs to be sanded and wire brushed to remove the rust.  Then I will paint it and put on the marble top.  I know right where I want it to go.

I thought I was done with repair and restore.  Maybe next month!


  1. Do you have the large pieces you need, bed, dressers, sofa, etc?

  2. I love the singer table just the way it is. Lots of personality.

  3. It's the 3 Rs . . . Restore, repair and Rebecca . . . And it really is fun to see your finds and what they eventually are re-created as, whoops there's another "R"