Monday, October 28, 2013

Open Studios

This last weekend was the Third Annual Artist's Studio Tour-2013- in Botetourt.  We went the first year, but were out of town for the Second Tour.  I love going because it gives you an opportunity to see what some of the talented people in the county are doing.  Who knew there were so many talented people hidden in Botetourt?


Each year there are places we meant to get to and then didn't.  This year I got tired...and hungry.  Because we missed a few the first year...for the same reason...we started at the other end of the tour.


Some of the studios are in a separate building next to a residence.

 Some are inside the residence. 


Some are actual shops in town. 


They are all fabulous to visit.

The artists are all gracious and ready to answer questions from amateurs, like myself.  They also offer FOOD.  How can that be a bad weekend?  Furniture, wood turning, mixed media and paintings worthy of an art gallery and, almost as important...cookies!

Once again there are studios we missed and once again I have made a resolution to start earlier and maybe go for BOTH days next year, so I can see what all is going on here in Botetourt.  I will be speaking with one of the artists I know about painting something for me to go in the new B&B.

I can't wait.

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  1. I wish I'd known about that!!! I read the paper every week for what's happening but I guess no one put it in the Lexington paper. :(
    AND I love the new chair. AND a huuuuge congratulations on your B&B permit!! Way to go!