Monday, November 27, 2017

RJ Meets His Niece


RJ the Wonder Dog lives on the top of a great hill.  He spends his days chasing off all other animals, except the cats that live in the house.  They won't budge and RJ has learned that trying gets him in trouble. RJ doesn't like to get onto trouble.

RJ and his family recently celebrated Thanksgiving.   RJ likes Thanksgiving because there is the potential for bits of turkey to be snuck to him by various family members. Even Tara, who is a vegetarian, has been known to hand him a bite now and then.


But this time Tara brought her new dog, Rosie.  RJ loves it when other dogs visit.  This doesn't happen often, so the excitement level was high.


The cats did not share RJ's enthusiasm for Rosie's visit.  Ashley spent the whole time up here, except when Rosie was locked up in her room for the night.


RJ is getting older, so he knows he runs out of enthusiasm for enthusiasm.  When this happened RJ's family would get in the big red Mule and drive all around the property while RJ and Rosie followed along. This would tire them out. For a few minutes.

All in all, RJ enjoyed the visit and the cats are glad the visit is over.


Shall we warn them about Rosie coming for Christmas?

Thursday, November 9, 2017


I haven't written anything lately.  We have been visiting our granddaughter and making some life decisions.  Our 57 acre farm is getting to be too much for us to maintain. It is time for us to downsize.

Lee still wants about 5 acres.  He has gotten used to not seeing any neighbors.  He also wants to be able yo build another shop so he can continue to work on vehicles.  And he wants to build this one to hold his cab-over diesel truck.

We thought about moving to California.  Our granddaughter is a powerful lure.  But it is so crowded and expensive and BROWN.  We have really come to love the green and seasons of Virginia.

We don't have to make any plans, yet.  Our realtor has told us it may take as much as two years to sell our house.  We just need to find the right buyer. This house really calls for a family with children.  The woods and the stream would be such a great play space.  The six stall barn and two pastures would be great for horses, alpacas or any other large animal that a family would have.

The shop would be perfect for a car lover.  It has a lift for repairs and room for three cars, in addition to the 2 1/2 car garage attached to the house.

It is hard to leave this place that we spent so much time building, but we are ready for the next chapter of our lives.

Our realtor is Dayna Patrick at Remax in Daleville.  She sent two photographers to take pictures inside and out.  The drone photographer came three times to get the right light.  There is even a virtual reality tour that is amazing.  The pictures are so fabulous we are worried we will have second thoughts about leaving such a beautiful home.  We will never live in a more beautiful home and in a more beautiful place.

Please check out the pictures and let me know what you think.