Saturday, November 2, 2013

Second Watch by J. A. Jance

J. A. Jance is a consistently good author of mysteries.  She has two series that I have enjoyed over the years.  One is the Sheriff  Joanna Brady series, set in Arizona.  The other is the J. P Beaumont series, set in Seattle.


The Beaumont series has followed his career in law enforcement for years and in this most recent Beaumont mystery, he is undergoing a double knee transplant.  Ouch.

While recovering, and under the influence of pain meds, he has some flashbacks and some visits from people in his past.  One visit is from a murder victim whose murder he never solved.  She chastises him for this and it starts a chain of events that eventually solves the mystery, but at great cost.

He is also visited by a young lieutenant Beau knew while they were both in Viet Nam.   He is reminded of things he had neglected to do after the war and of the things this man had done to save his life.

While this is a good read, especially if you have been reading this series all along, the part I like the best was at the end of the book.  The character of the young lieutenant was inspired by a real person of the same name.  He had gone to school with the author and when she heard about his death, she was deeply saddened.  J. A. Jance befriended his fiancé and they have had a life long friendship.  It was with her permission and assistance that he was included in this book.

Don't stop reading when you finish the story.  Read the afterword.  It should be required reading for all world leaders.  Don't send our greatest treasure off to war unless the guaranteed cost to families and friends is worth the sacrifice.  It had better be damned important.

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  1. I've never read anything by this author, but will check out the local library's catalog as soon as I finish a couple of new ones by Elizabeth George and Donna Leon. Ms. George's new book is very large so it could be a couple of weeks or more.
    I agree with your last 2 sentences, Rebecca.