Friday, October 4, 2013

More Wheelchair

I have the bestest fambly.  I sent out requests for them to let me know what they remembered about the wheelchair I am attempting to repair and restore.

Aunt Suzy:

Mother's address was 2702 - S. 29th and I don't recognize the name on it tho'.  I couldn't read it very well.  It was never in use by anyone when we were little so that's why we were able to play with it.
It seems like it was natural to me but maybe Pete would remember - he's not as old as I am!!!!!

Cousin Saja:

Becca, Now you know why I didn't want to get rid of it, but didn't know what to do with it either. I applaud your handiwork! The last name looks like Adams on the seat. And the first name looks like Sarah to me. Which would make sense because I believe that was the chair that was used for Grandmama's sister Georgia when she had tuberculosis. I think I remember of picture of Georgia in it when I was living at Grandmama's. I bet your mom would remember.

And my Uncle Pete:

Somewhere there is a picture of our Aunt Georgia (Mother's sister who died of tuberculosis before I was born) sitting in that wheelchair in your great Grandmother's back yard.  That's the brick house across the street from Mother's house in Ashland.  If I run across it, I'll send it to you.  Also Charles Ernest used that chair while he was convalescing from his appendectomy back in the late 30's.

See why I love them?  I ask a question and they all get back to me with great stories to go with this chair.

See why I am miffed at Saja?  She KNEW it would cost me a fortune.  She KNEW I would never throw it away.  When I die I am leaving it to MY kids.

On the other hand, what will they do with it?  Saja's kids will probably end up with it.  She's pretty sneaky...


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  1. Well, not sneaky, am I. I just knew that you'd know what to do with it & you're very handy. Lee provides good back-up. And I was sure I would ruin it... But I would always accept it back. Now, how to get you to work on, then return, my mother's wicker baby buggy........