Sunday, October 20, 2013

Marble Topped "Sewing" Table

Several months ago I bought a metal wine rack with two tops. It originally had a green marble top.  Then the previous owners remodeled their kitchen and had a matching granite top made for the wine rack.  I bought the wine rack at an estate sale and got both tops.  I kept the granite top with the wine rack and have been trying to find a base for the marble top.

I don't remember where, maybe Pinterest, but I saw a metal sewing machine stand used as a table.  This sounded so cute and just what I had in mind. We have been haunting antique stores and estates sales looking for furniture, but when you want something, it no longer exists. 


A week or so ago I found a Singer treadle sewing machine base with a primitive wood top.  It looked like something I might put in a garden.   It had some rust, but the treadle still worked and I negotiated a price I was willing to pay.

I spent several days using wire brushes, sand paper and steel wool to clean off the rust and get rid of the loose paint.

I sprayed it with a rust inhibiting glossy black paint, then let it dry.

Next I flipped it upside down to paint all the parts I missed on the first coat.  Once more I flipped the stand and walked all around it touching up the paint.

The marble top is wider than this base.  There are wider bases out there, but after I found this one I was afraid to let it go.  I worried that I might  not find another at a price I felt was reasonable. 


I was also concerned about attaching the marble top to the base.  I wanted it to be secure and solid.  I did not want to worry about it flipping off if a heavy object was put on one end.  We decided to cut a length of wood to screw to the base and "glue" the marble to that.    I painted it black to match the paint I had already used.

Then I squeezed out some caulk on the wood top and gently placed the marble on top of that.  We measured to make sure it was centered front and back, side to side.


After it cures, I want to put some castor cups under the wheels to protect the tile.  This is where we will place a Keurig coffee maker for the B&B guests.


Do you like it?  I think the mottled green of the marble goes with the gray walls.  I like the juxtaposition of the old base with a modern coffee maker. Or I will when I get around to buying one.  It seems to pair well with the old sideboard and the modern vessel sink.

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  1. Love this! Love Love Love this and what you have done with it as far as repurposing for the B&B breakfast area.