Saturday, December 9, 2017

Through the Windows


We woke up to a snowy day.


I didn't want to go outside.


So I took pictures through the windows.


It's beautiful out there.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Quilting Again

Years ago I bought what is known as a jelly roll when my favorite quilt shop was going out of business.  A jelly roll is  a bunch of fabrics that all work together, cut into strips for quilting or other projects.  Then I started making my fabric baskets and the jelly roll sat on a shelf in my craft room.

I have sufficient baskets, so I decided to take a shot at a new quilt.

My friend, Doris, showed me a fun way to use jelly rolls to make a lot of fabulous quilting squares.  This technique was originated by 3 Dude's Quilting by way of Missouri Quilting.  You can see the video here


Take four strips and sew them together.


Cut them into squares.  Place one square with the strips running vertically.


Then cover that square, with the right sides together, and the top square running horizontally.


Sew a 1/4 inch seam around all four sides.


Cut the square from corner to corner, making four triangles.


Press them open and that is the basis of the finished square.


I have been having fun trying different ways of putting these squares together.  I have tried using two squares from different strips.


Next I tried two squares from the same strip set.


I like them all!

I have quite a few finished squares and will spend then next few weeks making up all of my strip sets into quilt squares.


This technique is quick and I am having fun putting them together.


Sadly, now I need to go back to the fabric store to but the rest of the fabric to finish the quilt top.  It is always a risk going to a fab ricin's store.  I may need to buy some extra fabric for more baskets.