Thursday, October 10, 2013

Will He Never Learn?

We have a dog that sleeps in our room.  Not our bed, but a dog bed in our room.  Every night before we go to sleep we let him out a final time.  This is also his last time to patrol the property and chase off any intruders.  He takes this job seriously.

Lee has taken to smelling RJ before we let him in.  A few weeks ago he attacked a skunk and got a face full of spray.  I was out of town at the time and didn't get the full treatment.  Although there was a slight reminder even days later when I returned.

So naturally, he came in with the unmistakable odor of skunk.  I pushed him back out and looked over at Lee, already comfortable in bed. 

"Can we just leave him in the garage until the morning?" I asked hopefully.

Did you know that the old standby treatment of tomato juice is not very effective?  We are now expert skunk smell remov  ameliorators.  We can make it livable, but not gone.

Here is the recipe.  I know there are actual amounts, but I was tired and just dumped things into a bucket.

One quart of hydrogen peroxide
several teaspoons baking soda
several teaspoons liquid detergent


Swirl around to dissolve and soak the dog with the solution.  Let sit for 10 minutes.  Use this time to really work the solution into the dog's fur.  Plus, if you just stop, he will bolt and shake.  Rinse well and shampoo with dog shampoo. 


Sniff the dog.  Think of the Bee Gees song How Deep Is Your Love and change the lyrics to:

How bad does it smell,
How bad does it smell
I really need to learn


Let the dog shake.  Dry with a towel.

Let the dog shake.  Dry with another towel.


Let the dog shake.  Dry with a third towel.  Contemplate using a hair dryer.  Look at the time.  Cover the dog bed with a fourth towel and go to bed.

Get up.  Get the Febreeze.  Spray the room.  Go back to bed.


  1. We have never had a dog sprayed by a skunk, but I will keep your bathing recipe in mund. Poor pup.

  2. Letting RJ sleep in the garage sounds like a plan for the next time, but doubtful he will ever learn to avoid a skunk.

  3. This is why my husband says this: animals belong in the barn, people belong in the house.