Tuesday, October 8, 2013

RJ and the Squirrel

Once upon a time there was a great hunter named RJ.  He was fierce and fearsome and all wee creatures were at his mercy.  A few not so wee creatures would run away at the sound of his bark, such a fearsome hunter was he.

One day he ran out of his den and chased a small squirrel, knowing that he would catch it and eat it.  He was that fast and strong.


But the little squirrel ran up the tree and yelled down at the mighty RJ.

"Nyah, nyah!, you missed me!"  And wiggled his wee squirrel fingers in his wee squirrel ears to taunt the mighty hunter.


The mighty hunter, RJ, tried to climb the tree, but he could not.  Where did this giant tree come from anyway?   For it was not always here.  RJ has a brother and sister-in-law who live far away in the land of fruits and nuts, called California.  They sent this giant tree as a mere stick and it grew and grew. 

RJ wonders if Travis and Vanessa had a diabolical plot to prevent him from chasing off wee creatures, his most important and assiduously performed task.  He was very sad.


Oh, wait there's a bunny. 


A treat?  Sure!  I'd like a treat!

Dogs are the inventors of ADD.


  1. So easily distracted, aren't they? LOL

  2. Oh what a beautiful and funny story! It reminds me of the movie Big, when the dog is carrying on a conversation and suddenly yells "SQUIRREL!". I love your blog.