Saturday, December 21, 2019

Dear Girls


I just finished Dear Girls by Ali Wong and it's f**king hilarious.  If my typing f**k bothers you, then don't read this book.  If you like reading books that make you laugh out loud and spit your drink down the front of you, then this book is for you.

Ali Wong is a stand up comedian, but also an actress and scriptwriter.  If you have Netflix, check out Always Be My Maybe.  It's really good.  She wrote it and stars in it.

When her father passes away, he leaves her a letter.  But there are so many things he doesn't tell her and now she'll never know.  So she writes this book to her two young daughters.  She writes that they can't read it until they are 21.  I'm not sure that will be old enough.  I'm also pretty sure they will read it way before then.

Don't think that this book is only the hilarious and slightly frightening parts of her rebellious youth.  She gives advice to her girls that you can actually let your kids read!

The Author is so honest about growing up in San Francisco and her wild child antics that she may have a hard time reprimanding her daughters in their own teenage years!  To be fair, she does anticipate their own rebellions.  She writes, " As long as you don't get maimed or contract life threatening STDs, I accept that some shit is going to go down."

As honest as she is about her past sexual experiences, and she is open and raunchy, she is touchingly honest about her love for her husband and the father of her two girls.  He writes an equally touching and honest afterword to the book.  He may not be as funny as his wife, but he respects her, seems wonderful and I would love to invite them both over for dinner.

We don't have kids living here anymore, so that should work.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Our chickens quit laying eggs.  After some research and finding feathers everywhere I decided it was because they were molting.  Chickens tend to lose their feathers just before winter. This gets rid of older, tattered feathers and allows new feathers to grow in for warmth over the colder months.

But they never started laying again.  Another article informed me that chickens need 14 hours of light to form eggs.  The coop does have a red colored spotlight in it.  At first I wasn't using it as some writers suggested that it would be nice to let the chickens get a break over the winter and not force egg production.


But it was so cold and the light is a source of heat in the coop. So I turned it on and away they went. They must have really enjoyed their long break!

This was just a couple days worth of eggs.  After I found where they were hiding them.


This HUGE egg appeared a couple of days ago.  It ended up being a double yolked egg.  I felt a little weird eating twins, but I did it anyway!


Monday, December 16, 2019

How To Walk Away


I recently discovered a new author I like. Her name is Katherine Center.  I just finished her book How To Walk Away about a woman who did not walk away from a plane crash.

Her boyfriend coerced her into flying with him in a small plane to show her trust in him.  He had just finished his flying lessons and was ready to solo.  Margaret had a fear of flying, but wanted to please him.  In the air he proposed and she accepted.  Shortly thereafter he crashed while landing and she ended up paralyzed and burned.

Naturally she didn't look the same and he felt such guilt that he had to break up with her.

Family issues and overcoming obstacles get explored. There is angst, depression and happiness and it rings true to life. It doesn't hurt that there is a handsome physical therapist with a Scottish brogue.  Sadly, he doesn't wear a kilt.

I like that there are no miracles.  But maybe there is a miracle, one of forgiveness and moving on to a better life.  Perhaps that is what we should take away from this heartwarming novel.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

It Never Stops


It took a lot longer to finish the garage/shop than we had hoped.  But that is the way of construction. Double the time estimate. increase the budget and it is still more time and money than you had planned on.


My favorite part is the copper weather vane.

But the shop is done and now Lee has to finish the inside.


He is installing peg board and building benches as I write this.


I'm inside because it is cold.

Next we are turning a hall closet into a bigger pantry.


We had the door removed and the hole drywalled in.  Now we are trying to make a cohesive floor. I'm afraid the tiles will crack when they try to pry them up and we'll need to cut and reuse a couple of them.


We decided to go with the wood floor on the closet side rather than the tile floor on the pantry side. We can't find tile to match but we do have some left over wood flooring.


Crossing our fingers.