Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bug Quilt

I have been working on a new quilt.  I found the fabric while hunting for boat themed fabric for our newest granddaughter.  She was just born this week and has her boating quilt waiting for her.


In the meantime, I found some cartoon bug fabric that I couldn't resist.  I decided to buy it and make a quilt for a future baby.


Well, I finished it.  I really like it. All I need now is that future baby.

Waiting patiently.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Big Truck, Little Truck


Lee recently put the 1962 Corvair ramp side pickup he restored on a car trailer.  It is the smallest truck we own.


Then he hooked it to our biggest truck, an antique cab over GMC diesel. I'm not sure I like the fact that a 1985 is an antique!

It's kind of cute, like a big brother pulling a little brother in a wagon.  I bet he would get some interesting looks taking them both to a car show.  I'm looking forward to it!

Friday, April 12, 2019


We have finally sold our house.  It took awhile as it is a big house on about 57 acres.  I will really miss this house and property. It is the finest home we have ever owned.  But it is just too much house for us and we are having more and more trouble keeping up with the land.


We are moving to Northern Virginia.  I wanted to downsize, and we did, but we still have over 4000 square feet of house and about 6 acres.  I will only have 4 toilets to keep clean rather than 6.


Lee loves that there is grass to mow, but it is on a mostly level lot.  Our current house has steep hills and we have to use a giant tractor to keep it up.


The new house has chickens in a fenced chicken yard.  The current  owners are moving across the country, so we offered to keep them.  I had chickens growing up and they are so sweet.  So now these are our chickens.  And fresh eggs!  Also, I will have animals that love kitchen scraps!


We will have a swimming pool.  I hope this will help my back. At any rate it will be fun and hopefully encourage our daughter, who lives near the new house, to come for a lot of visits.  At least during the warmer months!

We have more than a month until the move.  So I am packing and Lee is taking a couple of trips a week to a storage unit near the new home.  We decided to move all the small pieces and boxes ourselves.  We will have movers pickup, store and then deliver our furniture.


This gives us something to do and it will hopefully save us a bunch of money. Our house looks like this now.


Now I have to figure out whether to rename this blog, and if so, what?  Six acres does not a farm make.  And we will no longer be in the Shenandoah Valley.  Our new address is on Snickersville Turnpike.  I have considered Snickers Doodles.  Any suggestions?