Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trista on TV

Our daughter lives in England. (note to parents: don't let your children go to school abroad or they might never move home)  In addition to her main job, which is free lance editing, (UCLA, please quit calling for donations) Trista has been working on a nut butter business.  She sells to local (UK) gourmet food shops, Farmer's Markets and is developing quit a good online business as well.

The ITV news segment aired!
Thanks Melanie Brown for making me woman up and watch it!
In the final part of our series on up and coming artisan food producers in our region, we meet Trista Smith from Nottingham. Trista is from California, and works from home as a freelance editor. When she came to the UK she…
I stole this screen shot from Trista's Facebook page.  If you can't see the video, try this link.


Now that she is FAMOUS all over Britain, I expect she will be spending a lot more time in her kitchen!

We are very proud of her.  Check out the news story and let me know what you think!