Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Send in The Pros

There's got to be pros.  Don't bother they're HERE.


I guess this means it is time to send the chair parts off to be recaned and restrung with wicker.



Lee ground off some of the rust on the metal supports. I wire brushed and sanded them and then today I sprayed them.


 I tried to use painter's tape to keep the spray from the tires. 


Very tedious.  So, for the large wheels, I cut a piece of cardboard and used it to protect the rubber.  Lee has some rubber wheel stuff I will use to shine them up when everything else is finished.



The final coat of Tung Oil went on today and now I need to get some Danish Oil to use on the underside of the wood, to preserve and protect it.



In the next week or two we will take the chair to the Factory Antique Mall in Verona, about an hour north of here.  Inside is a lady who will do the repairs for us.  Higgins Chair Caning will also sell the supplies for me to do it myself.  But I think I will let her finish the job.

My Aunt Suzy is sending some antique dolls to sit in the chair.  This should keep random people from sitting in it and breaking something, after all this hard work.

I can't wait to see how it will look all fixed up.


  1. ommg.... please put a sign on it so people WON'T sit on it and break it. That would be a crime!!

  2. What a neat project!! So glad you're saving it!
    Just catching up.... Loved the photos from the mountain days with the truck!!

  3. You would hope that once the chair is restored and dolls are seated in it that no one would ever think of sitting in it. After all your hard work this should be a real treasured beauty.