Monday, April 30, 2012

Plumbing Woes

We had an architect coming today.  They are supposed to finish our plans by this weekend so that we can get started on the B&B.  We have to get permits and bids and we can't do anything until the plans are in.


It was a good thing he was scheduled to come today.  Lee found a huge puddle in the basement.  It seems that our shower, the fancy one with all the nozzles and the aromatic sauna, which we never use, has sprung a leak. 


There is a small access panel.  Too bad it is too small to be accessible.  So they had to cut a hole in our wall in the hallway by the bathroom


If they can fix it then I will have to fix the hole.  It isn't in a place that I can build a shelving unit or cover the patch with a picture or something, so I will have to repair the drywall without any bumps or dents.  That will be the hard part.

We also were not left with any of the interior paint from the previous owners.  I hope I can get it matched.  The good thing is it is a small wall.  I may have to paint the whole thing to keep it from being noticeable.  If you paint a whole wall then you can't see where the match... doesn't.  Just great.  MORE painting.  I wish I didn't hate it so much.

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