Friday, May 4, 2012

Stir Fry

I was getting tired of making and eating salads.  I try to get a lot of veggies at dinner  and when I get lazy, it is a salad.  Sure you can change things up by adding chicken or tuna, fruit and nuts, but I wanted something different.  So I made a Stir Fry.

1/2 pound top sirloin, thinly sliced
a big pile of vegetables  Yes, that is the ingredient.  A big pile.
I used 1/2 can of water chestnuts and 1/2 a can of hearts of palm
I chopped up a few slices of onion, 1 zucchini, a handful of mini carrots, a bit of garlic, a couple stalks of celery and some frozen pea pods.

canola oil
teriyaki sauce
soy sauce

I made a small amount of brown rice with a tablespoon or so of wild rice mixed in.  I used a rice cooker.  It is a new thing for me, so I am still figuring it out.


I have a wok, but use a large fry pan if you don't.  Heat a small amount of oil in the pan and add the meat ( leave out the meat if you are a vegetarian.  It is still great.)  stir until there is no more pink and remove to a CLEAN pla                                  

I add the crunchier vegetable next as they take a bit longer to cook.  You may need a bit more oil.  Cook for a few minutes over medium high heat. 

The add the softer vegetables, like the zucchini, pea pods and garlic.  Cook for a few more minutes.  Return the meat to the dish and add a few tablespoons of Teriyaki sauce.  Mix until coated.

Serve it over rice with a handful of peanuts.  You could also add cilantro.  My daughter Trista had a friend that mixed in peanut butter at the end of the dish until everything was coated.  This is a good dish to use up all the veggies in the house or grab something from the freezer.  It can be different every time based on what is fresh.

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