Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Must Be Crazy

I have a quilting project that is starting in May. I bought the fabric, washed and ironed it and now I am waiting for the class to begin.

I have the drive to finish clearing before it gets too hot or too thick with vegetation. Winter or early spring is the best time.

I have the bench project for my sister and the blueberries I still need to buy and plant.

And yet I went and bought some yarn to work on an afghan. I have made quite a few of them, but never kept one. This one is for us!

My theory is that I can work on it at night while watching TV. That is wasted time! If it is for us and winter is a looong way off, I can take my time. No rush, like the last two I did. So the hope is that this will be fun and relaxing.

The first few rows are the worst because you are establishing the pattern. After that you can see where you are and what you did wrong! I have to go take out a few stitches to fix where I messed up. Don't knit when you are tired!

At least I bought a light color of yarn so that the cat hair won't show. Once again, this is my theory!

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