Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Enough For A Small Pony?

The horses are shedding with all this heat and by heat I mean sort of warm. But not quite enough. I brought them in to the barn one at a time to help with the process.

Claire is the most noticeable. Her coat gets bleached out over the summer. So when she sheds she is a beautiful caramel color underneath. Even with working on her for halt an hour, there were still spots where her winter coat won't come loose. Maybe in another week.

Libby wouldn't stand still because I made the mistake of doing her last and letting Claire loose. She WANTED to get to Claire. She REALLY did. But I didn't let her and she soon settled down. She had worked herself up into a nice sweat, so whatever I couldn't get off her will work itself loose soon.

After both horses were groomed, I could have made a small pony out of the left over hair. Or maybe a big cat.

I took some pictures and I hope a few turn out good enough for an ad. Want to buy some patchy horses?

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