Monday, April 2, 2012

Two Hours Max

I have decided that 2 hours is the maximum amount of hard physical labor that I can do in a day. It helps to have been a bit of a slug the day before. I had hoped that working this hard would mean I could lighten up on the dietary restrictions. You know, have some bread or a glass or two of wine. Well, no. I have gained a few pounds and I need to get into a Mother of the Bride type dress in a few months, so I dare not let this outrage stand! Back to veggies and unsweet tea.

If someone went to the gym and worked out for two hours you would think that they could eat what they wanted, but I guess when you are fifty... mumble.. you don't get to do that. SO back to the yard work. Or maybe I should say farm work.

This time I got smart and sprayed myself all over with OFF!. It says it repels ticks and I sure hope it works. I am not a big fat baby about them, but they do embed their little, disease carrying heads in your flesh and suck your blood. So it is not too weenie-ish to want them to stay outside and suck on something else. I have been checking the dog and cats because even with the Frontline ticks can get them, too.

After two hours of clearing, raking, hacking and sawing I came in and inspected myself. Now I am over fifty and not a former Supermodel, so this is an unpleasant task at the best of times. When I find a tick if is even more so. But I have to put on my big girl panties and do it...not granny panties. I am not THAT old.

So far the OFF! is working just fine. I had sprayed around my ankle, wrists, waist and where my long sleeved shirt buttoned before leaving the house, and it seems to have been successful. Yay, OFF! Guess I gotta get a case.

After the work on the drive, RJ was riding with me back up the hill to the house. We both spotted a turkey in the field ahead of us. I slowed down because he is famous for jumping out of a moving vehicle to chase things off "his" property. He has twice torn off a toenail while doing so. Then we have to keep him from bleeding all over the house. (Don't you love the high tech bandage of an old sock and duct tape?) Not to mention the vet bill and trying to get him to take the antibiotics.

So naturally he ran off, chased the turkey into these woods and came back panting, yet proud. Once again he has saved us from the deadly invasion of wild turkeys. Wish he could do something about the ticks. Something that doesn't involve bringing them in the house on his flesh and having me pull them out and flush them. Where did I put those big girl panties, again?

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