Thursday, April 12, 2012

RJ Is Not Lassie

I knew Lee had gone up the hill to get the tractor. Then I heard RJ barking and barking. He likes to chase away all forms of wildlife that encroach on "his" territory, so it didn't bother me.

I went in the garage to get some tools and he came running down the hill to me. RJ usually stays with Lee. I started to worry. (It is one of my best skills.) What if Lee had something go wrong up there on the hill? It was to far away to hear him if he called.

You know how Lassie would go barking to the farmhouse and they would know that Timmy was in the well? What if RJ was trying to tell me Timmy, I mean LEE was in the well, I mean under the tractor?

So I went and looked up the hill.

Too far away to see or hear anything. See the tractor way up there? Can you see Lee? Me, neither.

I got in the Mule and drove up there, with RJ following along ahead of me. You know. The way cats do when your hands are full and it is dark?

Lee was fine and just putting the bush hog on the tractor instead of the scraper. I was a little miffed at RJ for crying wolf! But maybe he was just coming to say "Hi!" I wish I had taken doglish in school.

I am sad to say that RJ is not Lassie. Limited communication skills.

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