Friday, April 20, 2012

Lee..Don't Read!

SPOILER ALERT!! SPOILER ALERT!! I don't want Lee to read this because it is about a gift for him. A gift that he will get in a few weeks. I had to wait until he went out of town for a car swap meet. That way I could work on it without letting him see. But I wanted to blog about it and get the pictures off my camera!

So, if he reads this far, it is HIS fault that it is not a surprise. Part way through making my first quilt I was surprised that it did not suck. It wasn't particularly good mind you, but it wasn't terrible. Then I was trying to figure out what to DO with it. It is a sampler and not big enough for a bed. I didn't want it on the wall for people to go up to it and find any flaws..of which there are some and I don't want to discuss it further. It is a throw type of quilt and I thought Lee might like it when on the couch watching TV on a winter's eve. Our anniversary is coming up, so I decided to give it to him then.

Many people have told me to label the quilt. There are lots of ways. I thought I might back stitch the information on the back of the quilt with floss. Then Doris told me about this fusible fabric that you can print in your computer printer. My handwriting is atrocious, so this sounded good to me! I bought the fabric and went to the website for the templates and I was in business!

I love modern technology! Well, you know, except where it doesn't work for me and I get frustrated and want to hurl things around the room.

I wrote my name and Lee's name and the reason I made the quilt. It was my first quilt, so I put that down, too. When I am famous for my quilts...or infamous for some misdeed...people will want my quilts and the numbers will be like VIN numbers on vehicles and they will be collectible. OK, THAT won't happen, but future generations can tell when and where they were made...if it matters to them!
After I printed it I let it dry and then cut it out and pressed it on the back of the quilt. It is a bit stiff so I may try to label the next one by hand. I MAY do it before I finish and then it will be easier to put it on the quilt. I can't decide.
Anyway, Happy Anniversary, Lee!

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