Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Rainy Day in Virginia

It rained most of last night.  Hard , loud rain that woke me up from time to time.  This morning was a bit overcast, but reasonably warm and reasonably dry.  We started to work on the shelter.

We first has to determine which was the shortest post and we had to take in consideration the slope.  After that we had to figure out how far down to put the cross pieces to leave room for the long boards and the caps for the posts.  It was wet and a bit muddy, so RJ "helped" by jumping up on the seat of the mule and leaving muddy foot prints.  Then it started to sprinkle making a huge mess. 

We managed to get up the two supports on the end and one long board across the back before it got too wet.  It wasn't particularly cold, but no sense in working in the rain on ladders.

Now it is raining quite a bit harder and I have the excuse to go eat some popcorn and be a slug.  We can finish tomorrow.    If we don't finish by then we will have to wait for Tuesday.  This weekend in the Buchanan Civil War Weekend.  Buchanan is a very small town and there was limited fighting during the Civil War, but they do a good job here.

We have cavalry and infantry come here from many states in addition to the local troops.  They set up tents and even have a sutlers tent.  There are many speakers at various venues to learn about the people and the times.  Or you can just wander and enjoy the sights.  There are a few skirmishes on the main street through town and a larger battle in a field with cannons and sword fights on horse back.  It is a fun event.  .  We plan on going and will have to put off finishing our project.

SPOILER ALERT!    The Yankees win the war every time.

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