Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Quilting Shall Commence

I haven't taken any classes on my new machines, but I thought I was ready to start the quilting process.  This takes a looong time for me.  I have to sit and look at each section and figure out what I want to do there.  The easiest part seemed to be the keyboard striped section on my quilt.  It is fairly close to the edge, so no fighting to get it in and I am just going to go up and down each line.


Naturally I had to stop and take out some stitches.  I was going to stitch 1/4 inch in and then decided to do it right on the edge.  Seriously, Rebecca, it would be a lot easier if you could make up your mind BEFORE you started, rather than after!  The new machine tends to take one, or maybe even two stitches after I stop pressing on the foot thingy. ( Is it called an accelerator? Can't be.  Ooh.  Speaking of cars, Lee just bought another one. A 1974 Camaro.  He says this will get him going on finishing the truck that is waiting for paint. : /)


The thread I got for some of the top stitching is pretty cool.  It is variegated and it seems to disappear into the more colorful sections of the quilt.  I learned to pick a bobbin color that fades into the backing after the first quilt.  This is also helpful in hiding mistakes that a novice, such as myself, might (will) do. 


The hardest part is turning the quilt around and around.  As long and the area in front of the needle is smooth and flat I just go for it!


I can't do too much sewing today.  I have to go take a nap. We're going to the Carrie Underwood concert tonight!  (You know you're really old when you have to plan a nap to go to a concert.)  It is supposed to snow tomorrow and that will be a good time to get some sewing done.  Assuming we have power!


  1. I hope your concert was wonderful and I hope you have lots of happy sewing today. By the way your comment (on my post about Ana at the piano) had me laughing out loud. Yeah, inserting knitting into any situation can make it bearable! :)

  2. Hey, we went to the Carrie underwood concert in Vegas, and I wish we'd have napped beforehand 💤. By the way, my new sewing machine does the same thing, and I finally figured out, I think it's trying to help me by making sure the needle is down in the fabric before it stops. Not sure if that's right but that's what I came up with.