Thursday, March 21, 2013

The First

My brother and sister-in-law have discovered the secret of estate sales.  If you know the right people (them!) and you know quality and what you are looking for, you can just about furnish your whole house.  You CAN buy a mattress from an estate sale.  But don't.  Ewww.

I have given a list to them and put them on the trail.  You can't find the same quantity and prices here in Roanoke as you can in Northern Virginia.  They found me one piece right off the bat.  I wanted a dresser with a beveled mirror and a marble top.

Ta Da!  Done and done.

In the past I have bought dressers in poor shape.  This is because they are cheaper and for no other reason.  Then I would strip, repair and refinish.  This time it was not necessary.  It was in pretty good shape.  Just dirty.


I (Lee) tightened a few screws. Wouldn't want it said we had a few screws loose, even if true!  I cleaned and polished, even going so far as to wipe the whole inside behind the drawers.


All it needs now is some scented drawer liners and a carpeted room!


Our first piece of furniture for the new room.


  1. Nice looking piece for sure and must have been a bear to move if it.s as heavy as it looks..very sturdy.

  2. Gorgeous!!!!! I've been having a hard time finding sales.... I need to scour the paper more often!