Tuesday, March 5, 2013


It is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow.  Maybe an inch.  Maybe six inches.  I was down to one library book.  Granted I have whole shelves of purchased and unread books.  But I still had to make a trip to the library.  They had books waiting for me.

A library friend recommended a British TV series called Doc Martin.  We have been ordering the series, a few discs at a time.  And the next few episodes were waiting there, too.  I told our British son-in-law that we were enjoying the series and he called it "twee".

I had to look that up to be sure of the definition.

chiefly British
: affectedly or excessively dainty, delicate, cute, or quaint twee
or corny — Times Literary Supplement

For example:
The movie was a bit twee for my taste.

Origin of TWEE
baby-talk alteration of sweet.


Well, we don't see it as all that "twee".  It is about a London surgeon who develops an aversion to blood and becomes a small town doctor in a small British village.  With all the inherent characters you probably wouldn't REALLY find there.  OK.  Maybe it is a bit twee.  But it is twee with a bit of bite and it has made Lee consider renting a cottage in an English village.

So now I have a few books by I am really looking forward to reading, in case we have no power.    Two of which are new books from favorite authors that I have been waiting for patiently.  And some TV viewing in case there is power. And a good excuse to take the day off.  If school children can have a snow day, why can't we?
I am declaring a snowcation for tomorrow!

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