Monday, March 18, 2013

New Cabinets

We were rudely awakened at 6:00 this morning.  Ordinarily that wouldn't be a problem as I have been having trouble staying asleep for a whole night.  But this was one of those rare mornings where I was soundly asleep.  So I was not happy.

We were called to let us know that the kitchen cabinets we had ordered from Home Depot were being delivered in an hour.  I guess I would rather be awakened by a phone call rather than a pounding on the door while still in my jammies and with bed head.  Someone has to be the first delivery!


It was a huge truck and no way could they get around to the back of the house.  We had him drop them in the garage and we ferried them to the back in the bed of the mule, one or two at a time.  Then we put them on a hand truck and are storing them in a room away from where we will be tiling....someday...if we ever get the bids back.


I was thinking of Maple cabinets, but Lee really liked the Hickory ones, so that's what we went with.  They are kind of pretty with the variegated colors and I guess it means they will go with any wood furniture we end up buying!

After some early morning weight lifting, I went to the barn and did the morning routine with Claire.  All these trips back and forth reminded me that I had yet to clear out the parts of the garden that I hadn't cleared for the winter.  There are always a few plants that are still green and pretty when I chop back most of the plants for winter.  Not any more.

There is a kind of ground cover that looks like the perennial called Lamb's Ears, so I guess that is what they are.  The leaves are a fuzzy, light green and they grow very well here.  Every winter the leaves turn an unappetizing gray.  Then, just before it warms up and right around the time the daffodils pop up, they green up under all the gray.  If you don't rake out all the dead stuff at the right time, you risk raking out the good stuff along with it.


They look even worse right after I do the job.  But they will look great in a few weeks.  See the GREEN!


This is a job I have had on my list for a few weeks.  It has either been too cold or we have had other plans that day.  So I made a few piles and I will have to take them to the compost or the burn pile later.  Maybe tomorrow.  I feel like I have done a full day's work already.  And it isn't even 11!


  1. That would be way too early for a phone call at our place as we tend to lounge around until at least 8 a.m. before deciding to grab something quick and head out to the "Y" by 9 a.m. or so. Will the new cabinets go upstairs or in the new renovations?