Monday, March 11, 2013

Tile Time


The painting is done.  And so it MOST of the electrical.  We picked up a few tile pieces we liked and brought them home.  We are currently waiting for a tile installer to come and give us a bid.  Ouch.


I found a tile I like for the entry and the kitchen.  I will go with a lighter and smaller tile for the powder room. 


The shower/bathroom is still a decision to be made, but the price for installing should be the same. 

It would be good to have a deadline.  Force us to make a decision.

Tomorrow we go to Home Depot to pick out a powder room sink/cabinet and a light fixture.  I think I will wait on the mirror.  Maybe I can find a great one at an estate sale.  My sister-in-law is taking me shopping and I hope to find some things there.  Do you call it shopping when you prowl around estate sales and warehouses?

And when I pick out a couple of toilets, is that shopping, which is fun?  Or is it work, which isn't as fun?


  1. My dream is to someday have my kitchen tiled. Sigh.

  2. After reading about all the work you and Lee have been doing yourselves, you will get a break with an installer doing the tile work, but maybe not so financially. Shopping for toilets, vanities, sinks, mirrors is fun as long as you don't have to also install them.