Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dog Treats From China


We have a pretty good dog in RJ.  He will sit and stay...for a little while.  After you yell at him a few times, he will quit jumping up on visitors,  although he quivers as he sits because that is REALLY hard for him to do.

He loves to go to the barn.  And he loves to ride around in the mule.  FRONT seat only.  No back of the truck for RJ.

He needs a treat when we leave him in the house.  And he EXPECTS one when we return.  That is because he gets treats at those times.


After hearing about dogs being poisoned by treats made in China ( and baby food and drywall and kid's toys, etc...) I made the decision to ONLY buy treats made in the US.  This is hard to do. 

Lots of times there is NO indication of where the product is manufactured.  There is only a small section where it is distributed by, or printed in, the US.  I assume ALL of these are made in China.  The ones made in the US PROUDLY print THAT on their packages.

You can find them, but it isn't easy.  The ones that are always made here are in the refrigerator section of the pet treats.  So that is OK, but not every store has them.  Pretty much ANYTHING in Dollar General is made in China.  So no dog treats from there.


I also trust those made in Canada.  Some times I even go for those made in Mexico.  But never China.  Start checking the labels yourself.  A lot the name brands you know and love have moved the manufacturing to China.  We love our dog and don't want to poison him.  And we don't want a huge vet bill, either!


There is one non-refrigerated item that is made in the US.  RJ loves, Loves,  LOVES them.  They are dried up and look like round beef jerky.  They don't smell all that great.  They are his favorite.  If you check the ingredients you may be surprised or maybe horrified.  You may be amused.  The official main ingredient is delicately listed as beef  pizzles.  :-O

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