Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It Was A Lot Warmer In California


I just came back to Virginia from visiting my mother in California.  Although is was a bit chilly in the evenings, it was warm during the days.  I could even were flip flops.  I was going to say thongs, but you might get the wrong idea. I'm talking feet, here.

When one wears shoes that expose ones feet to the viewer, one must have a pedicure.  My daughter taught me this.  When we do it together it is called mother-daughter bonding.  This is something where you both go and enjoy the outing and the mother pays.  I couldn't let my callused feet and naked toenails offend, so I went and had them prepared for viewing.

My mother is heartily opposed to nail painting of any kind...bad for the nails  She is also opposed to blow drying your hair...bad for the hair.   She is 90.  She can remember poems she learned more than 80 years ago.  And she will just start reciting them for no apparent reason.  She quit doing the New York Times crossword puzzle about 2 years ago.  But when she did them, she used a pen!


Her much younger and way more mobile (even with a knee is desperate need of replacing) baby sister came with me to celebrate Mom's 90th birthday.  Her two sons also came for the party.  Mom's very best friend from childhood, Sara Jo joined us.  Her daughter, Susanna brought her up from San Diego and was so thrilled to see how happy Mom and Sary were to see each other.  I must make a point to let her know each time I come out so they can visit more often.


I had a great time with my aunt and visiting my mother.  I had the sad duty of going to a funeral.  Lee's Uncle Archie passed away.  He died within twelve hours of Lee's father. That was a tough week.   We all loved Archie so much and it was so hard to get through.  Naturally I cried like a baby.  Or a very sad, grown woman.  So many sad things in the midst of a happy visit to my mom.

Now I am back and I have to get cracking on the basement project.  There is tile to pick and a few places to finish painting, inside two closets and the stairwell. And I have to finish the stained glass transom.  And buy a sewing machine to finish the quilt.  Maybe I need to go see my mom again.  At least it was warm there.  Who will see my toes, now?


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  1. I love those pictures of grandma! I wish I could have been there for the birthday party and the warm weather!