Monday, March 25, 2013

March 24, 2013

This is what spring looks like in Southwest Virginia.


At least, this is what it looks like in 2013.


This is our fifth year here and I don't remember a colder or longer one.  This is me, not remembering, because I am too cold.


On the other hand, I just got back from California and while it was a bit warmer, it was crowded and loud and getting anywhere was just no fun.


Go away.  I'm trying to take your picture, here.


That's better.


At least the dog loves it!


Can you imagine a prettier place to live? 

And we have POWER!  Snowy days are way better when you are safe and warm inside under a blanket with a good book.

Speaking of which.  Why is there talk in Roanoke about building a new multiple million dollar library when they haven't bought even 50 new books in ALL the libraries in the consortium since LAST YEAR!?


  1. Enjoyed seeing the snow scenes today as all we saw was lots of rain. A new library sounds overly ambitious considering the scarcity of book purchases.