Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Catch Me


I have read a few really good mysteries recently.  Catch Me was the latest from author Lisa Gardner.  It is her most recent book in the series with Boston's top police detective, D. D. Warren.

In this book D.D.is confronted by a woman, Charlene Grant,  asking D. D. to investigate her murder.  As she is currently very much alive, D. D. is intrigued.  It seems her two best friends from childhood trio were each murdered on January 21 a year apart and that date is fast approaching.  Charlie has prepared the best she can by taking self defense and learning to shoot a gun, but she wants someone to investigate in case she is killed despite her precautions.

When walking through a not so nice section of Boston, Charlie noted, "  Turned out, even snow was ugly in housing projects.....In this section of town, snow became just another form of litter.  Gray, sandy, riddled with yellow pools of dog piss and bristling with discarded straws, Big Gulp lids, cigarette butts.  You didn't look at this kind of snow and think of Christmas lights, cheerful hearth fires, or mugs of hot cocoa.  You walked by these piles and figured even Mother Nature was an unforgiving bitch."

D. D. is just back from maternity leave, which is changing the way she works and her outlook.  It is also exhausting her after sleepless nights and no caffeine because she was pregnant and then nursing.  Now she gives in and has a cup.  "At which point she took the first sip.  She both tasted and heard the caffeine hit her bloodstream, a powerful jolt that made her want to sigh and inhale and start the whole process all over again.  So she did."

I love a good line. Or three.

As with most police departments she is also working on another case, this one involving a couple of murdered pedophiles. Charlie's story doesn't always ring true and the two cases start to run together.  Is she a victim or a predator?  What is the truth?

I like the way the cases run together and you can't figure out the "whodunit" part in the first few chapters.  Another book I recommend to you.


  1. Those were some good lines!! They made me smile even though they weren't exactly cheery :)
    I like book recommendations. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds great! I will have to add this author to my list to look for.