Monday, September 24, 2012

Why Do We Love Our Pets ?

Are our pets worth the trouble?  It's hard to imagine.  They expect our lives  to revolve around them.  And in a lot of ways, this is true.  We can't go away without making arrangements for them.  They want to eat everyday.  Gotta have a treat if they are forced to stay home alone.  Okay.  Now it is clear to you that our pets are spoiled.


Then there is the way we are forced to decorate our homes to keep them from ruining it.  Sheets on the couch.  Scratching posts everywhere.  And they use them, too.  But that doesn't mean it keeps them from ruining the couches.


 When we bought them, we knew ruination was a possibility, so we deliberately chose the less expensive couches.  See??  Running our lives!


They leave wee bits of themselves on the carpets.  They hack up fur balls on floors AND carpets.  But yesterday, they became downright destructive.  I heard a crash in the other room and this is what I found.


Years ago I had made this needlepoint.  I looked in every antique shop we went to, searching for a chair or ottoman to put it on.  We found this chair/storage in a shop in Orange County.  The perfect size.  I don't know what happened, but I can guess.  Someone wanted to use this as a launch pad to jump elsewhere and over it went.  I think I can fix it.

I don't know who the culprit is.  I guess it doesn't matter because what can I do?  I can't sit them down and explain what they did is wrong and take away their allowance until it is paid for.  No consequences for bad behaviour. 


But look at that face.  So cute.  And so unrepentant.  Gotta love 'em.


  1. Ah yes, pets...yes, we like them and used to have them, separately and then together. When they left us because of old age and/or sickness, we decided to remain petless. Now we admire and pet neighbor's pets and can leave them when we travel too. So far it's working for us.

  2. My husband says animals belong in the barn. People belong in the houses.

    Since I'm highly allergic, I'm with him. :-) We used to have a dog but she died in 2001, and I didn't replace her. I kept her outside, though, except in extreme cold.