Friday, September 7, 2012

Shoe Rant

I have a deep seated shoe issue.  Ever since I was a child, it was impossible to find shoes that fit.  Generally my parents would just buy the last shoe tried on and bring me home in tears.  Walking just plain hurt.  I can usually be accommodated in a sport shoe.  (Thank you New Balance.)  They frequently come in wide sizes.  Good luck finding a wide shoe in a dress shoe.


The few wide shoes that I can find, and Yes, I HAVE tried Nordstrom's, start to get narrow just when I am really getting wide.  Oh, yeah.  I forgot to say I also have short stubby toes.


Why is it that shoe manufacturers know that we want shoes to fit our wide feet when we  WORK out, but want to hurt us when we GO out??


SAS makes wide shoes.  Mostly they look like nurse's shoes.  They have a few that look nice-ish and are comfy. 

I would like to look glorious for our daughter's upcoming wedding in a Tudor manor house in England.( Check it out!  ) But I guess I will have to fall back on my SAS shoes.  No one will be looking at me anyway...I hope.


  1. Rebecca, I too have problems finding the right shoe and also require a wide width. My preference is New Balance too. I've never tried any SAS shoes.mood luck on finding a pair that's both comfortable and stylish for your daughter's wedding. I checked out the link for the Tudor manor house and it's wonderful. When will you be leaving VA for the wedding?

  2. I love NAOT shoes, they're a little pricey, but they have lots of cute shoes that have velcro options....i know that sounds little old ladieish, but there really are some cute ones. Good luck!

  3. Love your pedicure! ;)