Thursday, September 13, 2012

Business Cards


We are not currently operating a business, so I don't know why I wanted business cards.  But we MIGHT open a B&B, so we should be prepared, right?  Maybe I should refer to them as "calling cards".  I just did a quick search and all I get for calling cards are those for telephone calling.  Didn't people used to leave calling cards everywhere?  Or am I just reading too many historical novels?

So I went to a local graphic artist and she helped us come up with a logo and a picture for the cards/stationery.  I may never use it for a business, but I figure I could leave them at random places and increase the visits to my blog, if nothing else!  I don't get any money from it,  just the fun and the creative outlet.


Now for the problem.  I am not ready to BUY a bunch of business cards.  I don't really know what all I want on them at this point.  We may want different ones to say different things.  So we bought some blank cards and have been playing around with them.  Avery is the maker of the forms and the templates.  After a lot of frustration, I got some printed.  The thing that bothers me is that I can't get them even on the cards.  My biggest problem is that if some are centered and right, why aren't ALL of them??


Some are even, some run over into the other card and cut off tops or bottoms of the information or pictures.  If I was a printing company I could complain to me.  So, now I have a bunch of blank forms that I don't like.  And some printed ones, too.  I don't want to print too many that are offset to figure out what I am doing because the ink is pricey.  I did print in black and white on regular paper and then hold it in front of the blank forms and up to the light, but that really wasn't helpful.


At this point they are just for fun.  (Are we having fun, yet?) So I don't want to stress about it too much.  If we ever get serious about a B&B I will go to a REAL printer and get them done right!
At the very least I will SOMEDAY change the photo at the top of my blog.  In the meantime I am waiting until we no longer own the horses.  It looks like that will be a long time coming...


  1. Rebecca, while I don't have a solution to your problem of WHY some of the cards are not printing right. I assume you did check that it's the right Avery template for the business card stock. I know this sounds rather basic, but I have printed my own business cards when I had a small photocard business and had to make sure everything matched. And, if you don't want to print them yourselves, but still want to have some handy "just for fun" there's an online service at vista which advertises low-cost cards. This is not an endorsement as I've never done them online, but just a suggestion cause as you said color ink does get costly.

  2. Like all the cards...If i have to print Metal business cards...i'll definitely contact..thanks for sharing.

  3. Great info. I just need to print plastic business cards for my new business.

  4. Designs are adorable, did you deal in paper or plastic business cards? as both are different medium...