Monday, September 17, 2012

A Finished Throw


I finished my knitting project!  A few weeks ago I was close to being done and then I checked out a bunch of new books from the library.  The new books have to be returned in a week.  I had been knitting in the evenings and now it was taking me TWO WHOLE days to finish EACH book.  So I HAD to put my knitting aside to finish the books.  And then I just didn't pick it back up again.

I don't mind the clutter of a knitting project when I am working on it.  But having the clutter when I am NOT working on it bothers me.  I can't put it away in the craft room or I'll forget about it and never get it finished.  So I put aside the books, I only have one left from the library, and made the big push to finish it. 

Only ONE library book, you say?  Aren't you nervous?  No, because I have a bunch of purchased books from the used paperback bookstore and I have a BUNCH of books on my Nook ( some from the Free Friday and some from the Deal of the Day from Barnes and Noble) that I keep as my emergency back-up books (EBUBs).  And that does not count the books on hold for me, at last notice I have 20.  Gotta stop requesting so many at a time!

I loved the color and the soft, silky feel of the yarn.  It was nice to knit and should feel great as a throw.  The yarn tends to unravel, though, so I had to tie a knot in each end.


This project worked up pretty fast, notwithstanding the whole stopping part.  The throw is reversible.  This made it hard to remember if I was working on the right side or not.  I occasionally had to refer to the picture on the pattern to figure it out.


I have a tip for knitting that I learned years ago.  Write out each row of the pattern on a 3X5 card.  When you are through with a row, slide that card to the back so the next row is showing and you know which row you are on.  Otherwise you have to keep a counter or notes and then you may forget where you are.  I even keep the cards from year to year and have gone back to a favorite project and don't have to write them out again.

Lee asked what I was going to do with THIS one.  All the other knitting projects have been gifts.  I think I am going to keep it.  If will be the first decorating item for our new set of rooms in the basement.


  1. It should be very comfy wrapped around you when reading on a chilly day. The color is lovely.