Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Not What They Seem


Our pets look sweet and cuddly.  Look at this face.


Look at this one.  Don't they look like big (and little) balls of fluff?  Don't be fooled.  Looks can deceive...Don't judge a book by its cover... and other cliches like THAT.


These are vicious bunny murderers.  BABY.  BUNNY.  KILLERS.  Oh, sure they roll over and purr and let you rub their sweet little tummies.  But when your back is turned they become Dexter!  The only thing worse is this ....


This sweet puppy face hides not only a bunny murderer. but a bunny EATER.  There.  I've said it.  Our dog kills and eats bunnies. I have seen him with my own eyes

I have rescued a few baby bunnies, but they always die.  The websites I have read say that this is usually the case.  But I still rescue them.  My theory is that it is better to die in a box lined with grass in a quiet room that to be consumed by a mean, unrepentant DOG.

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