Sunday, September 30, 2012

Buchanan Gazebo


My girls used to love the Gilmore Girls.  In fact I think they still watch it in re-runs.  The show took place in the fictional town of Stars Hollow.  It painted a really nice view of small town life.

Buchanan is also a small town.  Though I think it is way smaller than Stars Hollow.  We have quite a few events that are fun.  There is the Civil War weekend where they camp in the park and fight right down the main street.  Mountain Magic in Fall is this weekend and there will be vendors, live music and a car show.  I admit to liking the junk food best.  Funnel Cakes, anyone?

Recently the Town Of Buchanan built a very cute Gazebo in the Park.  I believe the intention is to have music and celebrations there.  If you donated to the building fund, you could get your name on a plaque for all time.  Or until it fades away or something.  We liked the idea of giving to the community and also that some future descendants will find our names and be amused.  So there we are.

 I mean THERE we are!


There was a very nice ribbon cutting and Harry Gleason, the Downtown Revitalization Manager gave a nice speech about the town's beginnings.  Harry is in charge of all of the festivals and events we have and everyone knows him.  Lots of individuals and businesses donated to get this new addition to Buchanan built and I can't wait to go to the first concert.


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  1. Wow, that is very Mayberry! I will have to get a shot of that sometime. Way to go for donating.