Friday, September 14, 2012

New Camera

I am so excited!  I have been unhappy with my camera for some time.  I even bought one of those fancy, new Samsung phones in the hopes it could replace my not so good camera.  Unfortunately, I can't load any of the beautiful pictures it takes.  I have gone in to Verizon, twice, to get help and even THEY can't get them to load on my blog.

I have been researching various cameras.  Even when it is working well, my camera won't take close ups with any clarity.  The telephoto will zoom in on a subject but there is a loss of clarity there, also.  After seeing some of the beautiful shots from two local bloggers ( and  I wanted to do better.  My $69 camera from Walmart was no longer good enough.  Granted, when I started this blog I didn't know if I was going to like it and I didn't know whether I would stick with it. Now that it appears to be a new obsession of mine, I want to step up my game, as it were.

I am not extremely proficient with a camera.  Back in my journalism student days, and that is a LOOONG way back, I took a photography class.  Then I dropped out of said photography class, so don't blame Cal Poly for my expertise, or lack thereof.  In fact, I dropped out of Cal Poly all together, so we can neither blame nor credit them with much of anything related to my writing.  And while I regret not finishing there, my move led me to FedEx and my husband so I can't regret that.

The point of this ramble is I don't want a fancy camera with f stops and shutter speeds to worry about.  I want clear close ups and gorgeous landscapes and that is about it.   I want the camera to do the thinking. 

Yesterday we ended up at Target to do a bit of shopping and I stopped by the camera desk.  I wanted to see if I could learn any more in my research on what kind to get so I could let Lee know what I wanted for Christmas. A sales person offered to help me.  Do you hear that???  A SALES person.  Wow.  That doesn't happen very often.


But he was personable and more important knowledgeable.  He takes a lot of close ups in his hobby of model building and puts them on YouTube.  He showed me a Sony camera that was similar to his.  He knew how it worked and could explain it to me.  And it was on sale.  Done.  I got me a new camera.

I have only had it for a day.  And part of that day was spent in charging the battery...and sleeping.  I am having fun learning about all the fun things it will do.


Crystal clear distance shots. 


And still clear when you zoom in.

Check out these close ups, Mr. Demille


 I love this one.




and black and white.


Don't you just love this effect?



I can't wait to make a new recipe and get some really clear pictures of delicious food.  So that you will drool on your keyboards.

This is going to be so fun!



  1. Great news about the new camera purchase and the photos posted were great too! Years ago, I started with 35mm SLRs and assorted lenses, later went to digital SLRs and assorted accessories. As wonderful as the cameras were, after years of use they became tiresome to lug around. Now, all my blog photos and all other ones are done with a Canon PowerShot that has a built-in telephone and I carry compact Canon digital Elph model in my purse. Granted, I can't get a spectacular telephone shot of wildlife like some fellow bloggers, but I take more day to day photos than ever with these. Like you, I now want the camera to do the thinking. Yes, looking forward to the upcoming food shots!

  2. Congratulations on the purchase! Yay! I look forward to all of those new photos! Yay again!

  3. Love the pics. Just beautiful!