Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


I was having a friend over for a tea party...well at least for afternoon tea.  Earlier I described how to make the cucumber and pineapple cream cheese sandwiches. I also wrote about Maple Bacon Scones.  The last thing I will tell you about is the Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.  But it was the first thing I made.  They need to set up a bit so give yourself an hour or two before serving.


Yep.  That's all you need.


You want the reddest strawberries without any flaws.  Not soft spots or bird pecks allowed.  Pick out the best ones and wash them well.  Set them out to dry on a paper towel.  Do not remove the leaves.  They are the handle you will use to dip them and then to eat them.  Pat them dry.


Before you start to melt the chocolate, get some nuts or pretzels or even potato chips.  You will dip them in the leftover chocolate.  Almost better than the strawberries.  Lay out a piece of waxed paper on a large platter.


The best chocolate to use is the kind for chocolate fondue or fountains.  Any store that sells the chocolate fountains will carry it.  You can also buy it online.  One bag will last you for YEARS.

Melt the discs in the microwave.  But only 10 or 20 seconds at a time.  Do not scorch the chocolate.  Try stirring it.  It is usually softer than you can tell by looking.

When it is all melted and completely smooth grab a strawberry.  You want to collect up all the leaves and pinch them between your fingers. Dip one side and roll it a bit.  Pick it up and dip the other side.  Don't try to get chocolate all the way to the top.  Try not to let it get so high up the sides that the leaves will get stuck in it.


Let it drip into the bowl and then place on the waxed paper.  After you dip all the strawberries, dip a bunch of other stuff to use up the chocolate..  Almonds are great for getting the last bit of chocolate.  You can even scrape the last bit over the clumps of chocolate almonds.  No waste with chocolate.


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  1. Yum, these post caught our attention as we really like both the berries and the chocolate. Any leftovers?