Friday, September 7, 2012

Weeding With A Shovel

At our house a weed is something that grows in our garden where I don't want it.  A plant is something I PURCHASE, feed and water and it may or may not grow. Depends on its mood.

I got up this morning and put on my "working outside clothes".  I didn't ask Lee to help because his allergies attacked him the last time I did.  Nonetheless, he came and picked up all the "weeds"  and the trimmings.  It took 4 trips in the mule.  I just did ONE section of the garden behind the house.  Not fair.


It was still muggy, even if not particularly hot at that hour of the morning.  Foggy and muggy...Fuggy??  I sweat so much that I dripped little puddles into my glasses while I was bent over. Yuck.


I had to dig up a volunteer tree.  I love these trees, even if I don't know what they are, but it is just in the wrong spot.  No worries.  We've got LOTS of trees.  Can there be a tree weed?


Half way through Lee came to help remove the cuttings and said, "What a mess." 

"It will look better when I am done.", I said confidently.  As I cut and weeded I became less sure.  It may just look scalped.


I was doing what I call, "Shovel weeding."  No such thing as just PULLING the weeds.  No trowel to loosen the soil.  Loosen with a shovel and then pull.  The good part is you get to stand up between patches. And then you use the trimmer and then you use the pruner and then you get to weed again!


At least NOW I can knit without feeling like I wasted a whole day.  I like to get at least ONE thing done before I veg.  I started a knitting project a few months ago and I am within inches of being done. Too bad my arms are a bit shaky from all the weeding.   Gotta get it done so I can start on my quilt project after the wedding.


  1. When I get tree volunteers I tend to dig them up and take them in the woods and plant them. Then I forget about them and have no idea if they lived. But I figure at least I tried!

    That is a lot of weeding.

  2. With all that mist and foliage, it looks like you are living in a rainforest! The pictures are beautiful!