Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It Was COLD This Morning!

Spring and Fall in Botetourt are glorious.  There is one thing I dislike about them and that is that they are too short.  I could do with less summer.  The winter is OK if you have stuff to do inside and don't feel compelled to do stuff outside.  The nicest thing about winter is that nothing grows and so you don't have to cut anything back.  Of course SOME of us don't feel compelled to do anything at all.  They are just fine chillaxin' on the couch.


The humidity gets to me though.  Working outside on a hot sweltering day means it is a two bath day.  Well, even if you are clean, you have to take one to go to sleep, don't you?


But this morning had a chill in the air.  It was 48 degrees!  This was the first morning where it was too cold for breakfast on the screen porch. 


We were surrounded by fog.  AND it was not humid.  A good day to get stuff done outside.


I only expected to do a bit of cutting.  But then I got involved and did more.


 I obviously didn't dress for the kind of work I was doing.  I am going to give myself a few weeks off so I can heal up for the wedding we are going to in England.  Don't want to look like the common laborer types from the States.  We ARE the common laborer types, we just don't want to LOOK like them.

Guess I'll go bake something.


  1. Looks like you got into some briars!

  2. Rebecca, you arm sort of looked like mine did yesterday afternoon after I finished cutting our some vines in the hedges that Pat had just trimmed. And, I also have a few mosquito bites too. We had cooler temps too and it's so nice to have the windows open for sleeping and next week, I'll have to get out the lightweight comforter too. I do not miss the heat and humidity and glad to see it gone and hope it stays away!