Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Is This Gardening?

I have been avoiding working in the yard.  The main reason is because it is just so blooming hot.  And I have been so blooming lazy.  There.  I said it.  Lazy.

I like working on making cards and cooking.  But the outside work needs to be done and Lee can't do it all by himself.  And I haven't won the lottery so that we can hire it done.  One of the reasons for this is I haven't bought a ticket.  I used to buy one every month or so.  Or when I was doing something I wanted to hire someone else to do.  Like working in the yard.  Then my son said something that runs through my head when I contemplate buying a lottery ticket.  He said it is "a tax on the stupid". 

Makes you think, doesn't it?  On the other hand, for a buck I can get a day or so of lovely rich person fantasies!  I bet he would be willing to take some money from this stupid person when, well, IF I win.  So I buy one, rarely, and think about buying one, frequently.

So today I got up and put on my working in the yard clothes.  This consists of jeans that are now too big for me, so I need a belt to keep them on.  On the other hand I don't care if they get ruined, a good quality in work clothes.  I had on short sleeves, so I slathered myself with sunscreen.  Then I coated all exposed areas with OFF!  I also sprayed the inside of the bill of my ball cap with OFF!  This helps to keep wee insects from flying up my nose.  I had some old sneakers that I put on.  By the end of the day I had to toss them. 


I was a wreck.  But ready to work.

We have a garden off the basement doors.  It has the potential to be quite lovely, but it is usually the last garden we tend. 


Out of sight and all that.  Plus, I figure it will get ruined by any construction.  The sad truth is that the edges where no construction worker would ever leave any dry wall or other debris was an overgrown mess. 

We trimmed and dug up and pulled and raked. It felt more like a Tarzan movie (hacking through the jungle) than gardening. 


In two hours it was decent.  Not finished, mind you, but decent.  I decided that I just have to commit to three mornings week until we get this garden under control.


 We have a lot of landscaping that really is nice, but it has to be kept weeded and trimmed or it is a mess. 


But I hate to work in the hot sun.  The sweat was running in my eyes and carrying the sunscreen with it.  I had sweat through my clothes and they were a soggy mess.  On the other hand I did not have any bugs up my nose.  A win for my side.  Nonetheless,  I was a wreck.  Oh, and filthy.  Can't wait for snow.

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