Saturday, August 25, 2012

Butternut Squash


The squash beetles killed all the zucchini, but the butternut squash was going like gangbusters.  I picked a bunch because they looked big and seemed about the right color.  Then I looked up the best way to store them.  This was a mistake.  One should do their research BEFORE they do their picking.  I can't stress this enough.

It seems that even though they look ripe, you are supposed to leave butternut squash in the field so that the skin thickens.  This is why they keep so well.  Too late.

I did leave a bunch in the garden thank goodness.  They will be allowed to stay longer, even though it is JUST starting to decide to be fall.  I guess if you don't really have much of a winter you can have a short summer...

So now I guess I have to cook a squash or two and see if I wrecked them.  In my defence, I never planted them before and I just threw them in the garden as a "why not?"  All my zucchinis died and I wanted to get the butternut out before the beetle got them, too.

So now I will make some soup.  Or maybe just roasted butternut along with some other veggies and see what happens.  I hope they are edible.  I hope I remember to do my research first next time.  Or read the instructions BEFORE I attempt to put something together for the first time.  Naw.  Where's the fun in that?

The tomatoes are doing great and they are the main reason I do a garden every year. Not sure they are worth all the work and worry, though.

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