Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm Back


I have been away for a week to visit my mother in California.  She won't move here and I can't move there so I visit...a lot.  While I am gone Lee has to hold down the fort.  It seems that the cats miss me.  You can't tell it from their less than enthusiastic response to my return.


They did run around the house and slide on the runners.  They did roll around in some sort of friendly cat fight and leave bits of fur.  But they do that all the time.


Lee harvested some veggies neglected by me before and during my trip.  I now have zucchinis the size of the butternut squash.


The basement rough plumbing is now awaiting the framing, which is waiting on the next few bids to come in.  Plus it is raining, so this prevents me from any actual work.

My plan is to finish the place mats I started. 


Then I want to organize the myriad of stamps my friend Cherie gave me. 


I got so many new stamps they wouldn't fit in my suitcase and I had to mail a bunch.  I can't wait to see what I got and try out some new cards.Cherie has the best ideas, but lives in California and stamp help doesn't do well over the phone!  Gotta set up Skype!


I did come up with some recipes I want to try.  I had the best flan at El Torito and I want to try to recreate it.  Then I want to make some hominy quesadillas.  I have to scale it down for two.  And maybe lighten it up by using less cheese and more fruit salsa.  Check back.

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  1. My zuchini did not do well; I think I harvested maybe 3. The plants are dead and gone, destroyed by an invasion of squash bugs. They also killed my cucumbers and yellow squash.