Saturday, August 11, 2012

And So It Begins

The plumber started work on our basement yesterday.  We had so many problems with the architect.  When the plumber saw who it was, he told about HIS difficulties with him.  Wish we knew that before!

The first step is to cut the concrete in the basement to run the sewer lines.   The original owner had a sewer line where we didn't want a toilet and none where we did want a toilet.  They had to cut a trench and then they will dig out the trench and run lines. 


The sad fact is that one of the toilets is so far from the sewer line that the slope is inadequate.  You don't want a sewer line that doesn't drain properly.  Well, I don't know about you, but I don't want that.  On the other hand, I don't want to have to pay for a grinder pump that is now necessary for a toilet in the basement with insufficient drainage.

The plumber had to dig a big hole and bury a grinder pump.  It collects and then pumps the waste up to a nearby sewer line from the upper floors.  It is buried in the concrete so I hope it doesn't fail!  Well, it will have an access lid, I guess.  It will be hidden in our equipment room.

When the concrete cutting began, all our smoke alarms went off.  This scared the cats under the beds and caused the dog to pace.  He is pretty good with loud noises, even thunder.  Lee had to get out a ladder and disconnect all the alarms, and there are a bunch.  The house filled with smoke, not concrete dust but fumes from the cutter and jack hammer.  It got better when I opened all the windows and doors and turned on the ceiling fans.  The smoke alarms had never gone off before, so I guess it was good to know that they worked


Rhett loves ladders.  He doesn't know what to do after he gets up there, but he climbs them because they are there.  Master of all he surveys and all that.


Once the rough plumbing is in, we need  to get the framing done.  We have done a lot of that, but this time we will hire it done.  Neither one of us wants to frame the tray ceiling.  So we might as well hire the whole thing done .  Lee and I will do the electrical.  Well, Lee will do the work and I will cut holes or hand him things or run wires over the top.  He draws diagrams and figures all the hard part and I am the grunt labor. He could probably do it faster by himself, but I like to think I am helping!  Kind of like the cat!