Friday, August 31, 2012

Chet and Bernie Mysteries


I'm really enjoying the Chet and Bernie Mysteries.  Dogs and Private Investigators.  What's not to love?

I like the way Spencer Quinn tells the story from the dog's point of view.  The dog is looking for clues to help Bernie and then finds a Cheetos under a couch and gets distracted.  He listens to the conversation and then falls asleep and misses what's going on.  He finds a rotten piece of hot dog and eats it.  He starts to feel sick, barfs it up and is happy as a clam.  Funny and so real all at the same time.

The mysteries are not the cozies you might think,  based on the dog gimmick.  They are darker and more dangerous than the usual pet mysteries. 

I learned my lesson about reading a whole series, one after another.  When I used to find an author I loved I would sit down and request all the books from the first to the most recent and then read them as fast as I could.  I did this with Lee Child.  He has a series about a retired MP named Jack Reacher.  Well, Reacher, even his Mom called him that. I read them one after the other.  Even though the books were all well written, I got a little exasperated with Reacher.  Grow up, already.  Get an apartment and quit wandering like Kerouac seemed to do.  And maybe you should quit breaking people's faces when they upset you.  Even though that is a bit satisfying for all the readers.

So rather than reading them all at once, I am limiting my journey to the present with Chet and Bernie to one book each time I go to the library.  This way I will still love them and anticipate each new adventure with love, rather than exasperation.


  1. Hi Rebecca, I'm a first-time visitor who dropped in from Blue COuntry Magic (Anita). She recommended your blog since I told her we are planning a Blue Ridge trip in Oct around Columbus Day. We are fellow Virgians (now) and live on the VA eastern shore after relocating from our home state of NJ. We own a 100 yr+ Victorian and in past years have grown lots of veggies on our 3/4 acres which is a bit smaller than your place :-) Please DO drop into our little blog spot for a visit as we appreciate and read all comments. We are hoping to meet fellow bloggers along our road trip Route, perhaps we can connect as well.
    And, I agree with your comments about reading too many books by the same author all in sequence as I have recently done that with a few of the James Patterson books. Currently reading Elexander McCall SMith's Corduroy Mansions trilogy.

  2. WHOOPS, just noticed ALL those typos in the above comment...brain goes faster than fingers sometimes :-( BTW did you ever consider removing the captcha verification needed to post comments as they are so very difficult to decipher and as a blog author are transparent to you, but tough on folks who comment...just a thought. And as for getting more spam, we have gotten anonymous comments infrequently in our email, but Blogger detects them and they never have displayed in our blog comments, Also IF we get any comments for folks selling/advertising, etc. we delete them ourselves. Only problem we have is that blogger detects several valid blog email addresses as spam and we always have to go in and un-mark them as "not spam."