Saturday, August 25, 2012

Alicia's Salad


Alicia Parlette was a good friend of my daughter's.  She died way too young.  In her short life she did some wonderful things.  She worked at the San Francisco Chronicle, a major newspaper and a major coup for a young journalist.  I hope you take the time to Google her name and read some of the things she wrote. 

A bump on her leg in high school was misdiagnosed and by the time the cancer was found it was too late to save her life.  But not too late for her to share her amazing journey with her family and her followers at the Chronicle.  I hadn't seen her in years when she passed away, but I miss her to this day.

One time Trista went to Alicia's house for a sleep over.  When she came back she wanted to try the salad that they had had.  It is easy and delicious.  I substituted Romaine for the Butter lettuce in the original recipe because I like it better.

Alicia's Salad

Romaine lettuce ( or stick with the original, butter lettuce)
almond slivers ( almond slices are fine if that is what you like, but too many more changes like that and we will NOT have Alicia's salad.)
Mandarin Orange slices.
Raspberry Vinaigrette

Toast the almond slivers in an oven at 350 for about 5 to 7 minutes.  I used the toaster oven.  No point in heating up the whole house for a salad.  Watch them closely.  Just a little tan is what you want.


Place the cut up romaine in a large bowl.


Drain the orange slices.  The can I had  was filled with the biggest slices I have ever seen, so I cut them in half.  But you can just dump the whole ( drained) can on top of the lettuce. Add the nuts and the dressing.  Toss.

This is a salad all my kids liked.  This is a salad we forget to have.  I want to try to have it more.  It makes me think about happy times with a sweet girl and that is a good thing.

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