Friday, August 31, 2012

Book Anticipation

I really don't like doing hot sweaty work.  Unfortunately that is a requirement around here.  Particularly in the summer.  I try to look at it as a substitute for a gym membership. 


Under the virtuous thought of work now and then you can do something you like later, I decided to clean the railing in the screen porch.  On the plus side, this is a job I can do sitting down and maybe, do a bit of reading.  I know  that sounds strange, but I can read and vacuum, dust, do dishes, lots of things.  My kids tell me I can just do the job and then read and it will go much faster.  And they are right.  But it seems more like work when you don't have a book in one hand.  This is another reason I prefer paperbacks!


I tried to start early, but by the time I got going the sun was beating in through the screens.  By the time I had one section done sweat was dripping into by eyes.  It burned like opening them underwater in the ocean.  Unpleasant, but not impossible.  Nonetheless, I had to use a bandanna and keep wiping my face.  My girls are grossed out when I use a bandanna.  I think they are under the impression that I use it like a handkerchief.  Come on now, who would blow their nose and then wipe their face?


Once I finished, I felt justified in taking a break and writing about one of my favorite authors.  I recently got her book at the library and was so excited.  I love the anticipation of getting a long awaited book.  It is sort of like the anticipation I used to feel when getting ready for a date.  My husband doesn't let me date.   He doesn't tell me that, it is just understood.  So books fulfill that excitement level for me.There are certain authors that I love so much that I go on their websites to find out when their books are coming out.  Linda Castillo is one of those authors.


I particularly like books in a series.  This way the characters get more developed with each succeeding book.  Her series is about a formerly Amish police chief in a small town.  Her Amish background is particularly helpful when dealing with crime involving the Amish in her community.  Horrible things happened to her in her youth to turn her away from her roots and her family and she tries to reconnect more in each book. 

I like women-in-jeopardy stories.  It satisfies me in some visceral way to have them fight their way against seemingly insurmountable odds.  Maybe it empowers me subconsciously.  I have never faced down a serial killer, nor do I wish to, but I like watching, safely, from a distance, as someone else does!  There is also something satisfying about having everything solved in a book, unlike real life where things are much less likely to be resolved.

With Linda Castillo I also get to get a peek at a community with which I am unfamiliar and see her struggles against her emotional problems and try to work through them.  It makes her seem more like a real person.  I just love a good compelling author.

Lately it has been taking me two days to get through a book.  But not with these authors.  I put every non-essential thing aside and plow right in.  Bliss.  Oh, no!  All done.  Now I have to wait another year for the next book.  Don't they know I want to know what happens next?  Hurry up and write another!
The next author I am waiting for is Julia Spencer-Fleming.  She also writes a series I adore.  She has the unmitigated gall to take more than one year between each book, however.  Yes, I'm sure she has a life and maybe some personal things going on.  That should not be my problem.   I don't let my personal life affect her, do I?   There are times I want to write to a particular author and offer to run errands or fix meals or something so they can get on with their authoring.  I'll give her a few more months.

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  1. The comparison of reading to going out a date made me laugh.