Monday, February 2, 2015

Gene's Trading Post

There used to be an antique store in Cloverdale called Gene's Trading Post.  The state purchased it to build a much needed safer on ramp to the interstate.  They were in the way. The store moved in to Roanoke and we stopped by recently.


I really just need a few paintings or a mirror or something for our staircase to the B&B.  They didn't have what I was looking for.  But I found this display cabinet.  It is not fine furniture.  It was made in Indonesia and the inside is poorly made with bits of rough wood.  It is cute, however and I like that it still has the tray on top.  Sometimes they go missing.  It is not an antique.


My friend in California has a nice one, so I have had an eye out for one here.  It wasn't great, but it was fairly reasonable, under $150 dollars.


I brought it home and used a bit of Furniture Treatment to clean it up before I moved it to the basement.  That is when a lot of the stain started coming off on the rag I was using.  I guess they applied a bunch of stain to darken any spots that had lightened over the years and didn't wipe off the excess.  You have to wipe it and wait a day and reapply until you get the depth of color you are looking for.  They did not.  And I don't have any idea who "they" is. 

I want to put a finish on it now, to make sure no more stain comes off, like on my walls or carpet or anything I place on it.  But I just put the Treatment on and I don't know if it will take a finish.


I waited a few days and grabbed some lacquer spray.  I sprayed the bottom of the tray and we will see if it takes.  It isn't a place that will be easily seen and I can use some lacquer thinner on it if there is a problem.

Now I wait and see.


If it looks good, I may just put a coat or two all over, inside and out.  That is a lot of masking on all the  pieces of beveled glass and hardware.  And it is very cold outside.  In fact I am just waiting for the tray to dry a bit and I will bring it back in the house.  And then I have to find a place where the cats can't find it.  I wonder where THAT might be.

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  1. Hmmm were you hinting that perhaps the cats would go outside since the cabinet cannot, and at least they have fur coats for the cold.